We help growing software and SaaS companies grow faster.  With over 25 years of operational experience helping software companies at every stage of the lifecycle - from startup incubation to fortune 500 - we focus on mid stage companies looking to get to the next level of growth and scale.


Our Mission

By applying the components of Newton’s Three Laws of Motion, we are here to solve your business agility challenges.


At some point, every growing company experiences a deceleration, where growth, scale and innovation are stifled.  By employing an outside force to offset inertia and restart acceleration, we are there to help you overcome that inertia, by:

  • Moving your organization to a more specialized model
  • Building new GTM models, through direct or partner channels
  • Delivering executive innovation breakthrough workshops


As organizations grow, they require more energy to move at the same speed.  Maintaining the current energy can cause a growing business to stagnate – or worse, regress.  For business already running at 100%, the only way to add more energy is to find new ways to do business, by:

  • Integrating a new acquisition
  • Introducing big room planning for sales 
  • Finding new ways to retain customers

Action <> Reaction

An agile organization is not necessarily one in which every team or member is performing at the same level, nor one in which every change is a good one.  Change in even the most agile company can create negative downstream effects on people, processes and execution. We use objective metrics to benchmark and create actionable agility, which will help your organization to continually improve, by:

  • Improving development organization using SAFe
  • Helping product owners to understand customer demands
  • Showing sales leaders how to segment customers